Empower 21 – Day 1

Today begins our 21 days of prayer and fasting. 

Fasting is defined as absitnence from food with a spiritual goal in mind.

In the Old Testament the word “fasting” means to “cover your mouth”.  In the New Testament it means “not to eat”.  So biblical fasting is abstaining from food.  But that is only a part of the function of fasting.

If our focus is only on the abstinence from food, fasting is no more than a glorified diet.  What makes fasting a powerful discipline is that while we are denying the flesh, the physical man, we are feeding the spiritual man.

Spending time with God in His word and in worship/prayer are the keys to sucessful and biblical fasting!

One writer referred to fasting as a “date” with God.  It is a practical way to say to God, “I love food and I am hungry but I love you more and I am hungry for you in my life“.

During this 21 days one of the battles you will fight is disciplining your self to spend time with God.  During a Daniel fast it is somewhat easier than a liquid or total fast but there is still a battle.

Do not allow yourself to have a “denial” mindset about your fast.  Begin this season of fasting with a “date” mindset.  This 21 days is an opportunity for you to spend time with God and for HIm to spend time with you.

Can you imagine anything more exciting than the God of heaven and you spending the next 21 days in a special time together.


P.S. I will write a daily blog during these 21 days related to prayer and fasting     and I welcome your comments.  While I will not be able to respond it may be an encouragement for others to read your post.

3 thoughts on “Empower 21 – Day 1

  1. Mark Hambrick

    It helps me to think that I’m not fasting from food, but FEASTING ON GOD! I appreciate the emphasis on food, which is a Biblical fast, rather than “fasting” TV, internet, or some other activity. I always thought those other “fasts” were more like the concept of lent, which may have some value, but are not really fasts.

  2. Patricia Hornsby

    End of day 1 of 21, I have enjoyed today reading the Bible, and just spending time with God. Our church started a Sunday thru Wenesday revival so it is great to be in church each night as I began the fast.

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