Empower 21 – Day 2

In preparation for our Empower 21, I have been reading on the subject of prayer and fasting.  One of the books I have read is Ronnie Floyd’s book: The Power of Prayer and Fasting; God’s Gateway to Spiritual Breakthroughs.

Over and over again he makes this statement, “God can do more in an moment than you can do in a lifetime”. He also reminds us that, “Prayer and fasting are God’s gateway to spiritual breakthroughs.”

The truth is, we all need breakthroughs! We need breakthroughs in our lives, our families, our churches, and in our country.  One of the reasons God has directed us to begin 2011 with a season of fasting and prayer is, He wants to prepare us to receive the “breakthroughs” we need.  Prayer and fasting are God’s entry point to receiving breakthroughs!

I want to encourage you to do several things that will maximize the spiritual benefits of this season:

1.  Priority – make your involvement in Empower 21 a priority.  Set aside these 21 days to spend time with the Lord.  What makes fasting powerful is that it is coupled with prayer.

2. Purpose – specifically decide what you are praying and fasting for.  Do you need a breakthrough in your church/ministry, family, health, finances, etc.?

3.  Place – find a designated place to pray and seek the Lord during these 21 days.  Also setting a designated time will help you develop a routine of prayer while you are fasting.

One final suggestion is that you keep a daily spiritual journal where you record your thoughts, insights, and personal responses to what  the Lord is saying and doing in your life during these 21 days.

Remember, “God can do more in a moment than you can do in a lifetime”. God is a God of breakthroughs – prepare to receive YOURS!


P.S. A great resource for prayer and fasting material is www.awake21.org.