Empower 21 – Day 3

Typically the second to fourth days of a fast are the most challenging.  Your body is adjusting and rebelling against not being fed or indulged as usual.  This discomfort is one of the ways we realize how much our lives are controlled by our physical appetites.

Fasting is one way of establishing control over our flesh.  While it is uncomfortable it is beneficial!  How do you deal with the constant struggle of the flesh during a fast?  You focus on one day at a time.

Don’t think in terms of 21 days, think in terms of today.  The benefits of fasting and prayer are NOT in the completion of a set number of days or meals.  The benefit is in the focus of the time you spend with the Lord daily.

One of the ways to help maintain your focus during a fast is to spend time reading the scriptures.  For example, I know many individuals who have committed to reading through the New Testament during these 21 days.

Sometimes during a fast it is difficult to maintain your focus in prayer, especially during the first few days as your body is adjusting.  I would encourage you to make a prayer list of things you are praying for during the fast.  Use this list as a guide to assist you as you pray.

During a fast is also a good time to learn the practice of just being in the presence of God. This is sometimes difficult for us Pentecostals.  One of the terms used to describe this is “soaking.”  Get alone, turn on some worship music (instrumental or vocal), and sit in His presence.

One final suggestion to assist you in focusing on God during the fast:  begin and end each day with the Lord.  Before FOX news or the newspaper or the computer, give God the first part of every day during this season of fasting.  (One of the most effective ways to change your life is to change your schedule.)  Then conclude each day with the Lord let Him be the last one you talk to.

Your participation in Empower 21 is going to be a life and ministry changing experience.