Empower 21 – Day 5

In my recent reading on the subject of fasting and prayer I came across some interesting history about the role that fasting played in the ministry of John Wesley the founder of the Methodist Church.

John Wesley instructed his followers to fast twice each week and would not ordain a man to the Methodist ministry if he did not do so.

There are scores of other church leaders that God used in a significant way who saw the benefit and practiced the discipline of fasting.  There is always a price to be used significantly by God but the pay-off is worth the price.

You can have a “successful” ministry without fasting and prayer but, you cannot have a “significant” one without fasting and prayer! God called you to “significance” don’t settle for success.

In Isaiah 58:6-14, the prophet gave us 22 promises (results) of fasting and prayer.  If possible, sometime during this first week of the fast, read these verses.  Read them at a time and place where you will not be distracted or interrupted.

There are scores of benefits to beginning this new year with fasting and prayer. Press through the distractions and discouragements.  Keep it simple. Fast, pray, read your bible, and let God speak  to you and work in your life.

Remember all across of Virginia, thousands of Church God believers are partnering together for this Empower 21 ministry.  We are positioning and preparing ourselves for a year of significant Kingdom ministry.

Together we are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia!