Empower 21 – Day 6

Todays blog is a personal testimony to the role of fasting and prayer in my life and ministry.

Early in my personal relationship with God, fasting and prayer were an important discipline that was a significant part of spiritual life.  Every major decision that I made was made after a season of fasting and prayer.

I fasted and prayed as a part of the decision making process when:

  • I accepted the call to ministry
  • I  enrolled in Lee College, now Lee University.
  • I decided to be a church planter in a northern state, (before I was married).
  • I asked my wife to marry me.

However, somewhere in the passing of time and the activity of life and ministry, I neglected this spiritual discipline.

Several years ago, (over twenty), while facing what seemed to be a desperate season in my life and ministry, I rediscovered fasting and prayer.  The results of that season of seeking were profound!

During that time God:

  • Spoke to me and gave me insight and direction that literally changed my life and ministry.
  • Established significant relationship that even today impact my life.
  • Renewed my faith and released a spirit of perseverance with in me.

I am sure some of you reading this blog have similar testimonies as mine.

There has never been a time that I have fasted and prayed that God did not honor it.  However, every decision to fast has been a decision of my will and an act of faith.

There is never a convenient time to fast but, there is always a good reason – fasting and prayer positions and prepares us to hear from God and receive blessings and breakthrough!

I want to encourage you to continue in this season of fasting and praying.  Spend time alone with God. Keep a personal journal.  Be obedient to what  God says or may want you to do during this season.  Your breakthrough may come through revelation or repentance, or both!