Empower 21 – Day 11

As you participate in Empower 21 I want to encourage you to do the following:

1.  Ask someone, (a ministry partner/friend), to share the remainder of this 21 days with you.

This person is someone you can share your struggles, spiritual insights, and specific prayer request with.  This person will agree with you in prayer, encourage you in the journey, and rejoice with you in breakthrough and blessings.

2. Acknowledge “small” manifestations of breakthrough and blessing.

As you fast and pray God will give you “tokens” of blessings, signs of things to come.  For example:

  • If you are fasting for a financial need and you receive a “small” financial blessing- acknowledge it as a token of a sign of provision that is to come.
  • If you are fasting for a health related need and you experience some improvement- acknowledge it as a token or sign of healing to come.
  • If you are fasting for a relational need and there is a manifestation of kindness, forgiveness, and/or openness – acknowledge it as a token or sign of restoration to come.

When you acknowledge these “tokens” of blessing and breakthrough you:

  • also acknowledge that God is at work
  • set yourself in agreement with God in the work that He is doing
  • create an environment for the anointing to work
  • give access for a spirit of thanksgiving to be manifested.

Simply stated, you position yourself to receive the full measure of what God has for you.

Remember, fasting and prayer are the gateway to receiving breakthrough and blessing.

One thought on “Empower 21 – Day 11

  1. Bishop, I simply want you to know how very helpful I found all the resources you made available to us ministers. They were a great help.
    Thank you. I also shared your daily articles with the church family. Thank you for your leadership.

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