Empower 21 – Day 16

There are multiple benefits of fasting.  There are physical benefits and there are spiritual benefits, but there are also some very practical benefits that affect your day to day life. I want to share with you about three of these practical daily benefits.

Those three benefits are:

1. Fasting changes your priorities. Even the decision to fast itself is an indication that you are adjusting the priorities of your life.  Instead of beginning your day with consuming food, you begin your day with spending time with God and feeding on His word.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline and behavior of Kingdom minded people.  Kingdom minded people seek first the Kingdom of God.  The scriptures tell us that when we make the Kingdom our first priority, that God accepts the responsibility to take care of the other necessities of life.  (See Matthew 6:33).

Values determine priorities.  Fasting is a practical way of establishing  a Kingdom minded value system in our lives, that changes our priorities.

2.  Fasting changes our perspective. As we spend time in the word of God and the presence of God during a fast our perspective changes.  We begin to see things from God’s point of view.  We develop a point of view based on His truth and His character.

The result of a change of our perspective is that we experience peace and joy.  It is a supernatural work that cannot be accomplished just by positive thinking.  It is a fruit of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Fasting gives you fresh focus and vision.

3.  Fasting changes our performance. When your priorities change, your performance will change.  By performance I mean what you do and how you conduct your life.

With a different value system, outlook, and attitude on life, how you live your life changes.  The greatest testimony of the results and impact of these 21 days is simply YOU!  You become a walking testimony to the benefit of fasting and prayer.

2011 is going to be different – because you are going to be a different person as a result of beginning the New Year with fasting and prayer.