Empower 21 – Day 17

Fasting is a spiritual catalyst.  Typically as we fast and pray we become more open to what God wants to do or say to us.  We become more receptive to:

  • correction and/or repentance
  • change and renewal/revival
  • creativity and revelation

This is why the work of the Holy Spirit is accelerated during special seasons of seeking, like Empower 21.  We are more cooperative with His work in our lives.  As God works in us, He is able to do more through us; and as God is able to do more through us, His Kingdom is advanced.

A corporate fast brings many ministers into one ministry focus.  We become unified in purpose and renewed in passion.   We  go from “doing ministry” to becoming a Kingdom movement.

Individually and corporately fasting makes a difference.  This is an exciting time to be in ministry partnership!

Share your testimonies with us at http://www.vacog.org of what God is doing in life and in your church/ministry during Empower 21.