Empower 21 – Day 18

Elmer Towns is dean of religion at Lynchburg University and has written extensively on the subject of fasting.  His writing on the subject is born out of a combination of personal study and personal experience. In his book, The Beginners Guide to Fasting, he recounts the following story:

“As I was finishing a forty day fast, a book publisher asked me, “What is the greatest answer to prayer you have recieved during this fast?” He responded,  “The greatest thing is I’ve gotten to know God better”.

The greatest benefit of fasting and prayer is that it helps us to know God as never before!

Fasting is more about pursuing God than it is about getting prayers answered (although you may get some sensational answers).  Pursuing God always leads to worshiping God, and in worship we get to know God better.

Knowing God is central to growing in your relationship with him as a believer/disciple.  There is an old saying that says, “To know God is to love him, to love Him, is to trust Him, to trust Him is to obey Him, and to obey Him is to be blessed.”

I want to encourage you to continue your pursuit of God even after the conclusion of our Empower 21 ministry.  One way to do that is to incorporate the spiritual discipline of fasting into your future relationship with the Lord. (Read Matthew 6). This may have been your first fast but, don’t let it be your last. You may want to continue to fast one day a week or month.

As we approach the last few days of our fast ask yourself these questions:

  • What have I learned about God during this fast?
  • How has this new knowledge impacted my worship?
  • How can I incorporate fasting as an ongoing part of my life as a christian?

Remember the focus of fasting is GOD!