Empower 21 – Day 20

After The Fast

Sometimes it is after the conclusion of a time of fasting and prayer that you see some of the greatest benefits.

If is after the fast that you see the manifestations of the wisdom, favor, and blessing of God.  God does not stop working because you have stopped fasting. During the fast God has been working in you as you have spent time in the word and in His presence. He has been doing a great work.

God has been working in your life privately that He may work through you publicly. In Matthew 6 Jesus said the Father who sees what you have been doing in private will reward you publicly/openly.

Fasting is very personal by the nature of its purpose and function. When we enter into a season of fasting we typically include our personal needs and/or struggles as part of our prayer list. If we deal with our personal issues in the privacy of fasting and prayer, we will not have to deal with them publicly.

Typically it is after a season of fasting and prayer that you experience the reality of increased anointing and spiritual authority.

I want to encourage you after  the conclusion of our Empower 21 ministry to continue to abide in what you have learned during the fast. What God has done during the fast is preparation for what He is going to do after the fast.

The rest of 2011 will be blessed because you have given God the first part of 2011 in fasting in prayer.

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