Empower 21 – Day 2

Breakthrough and Blessing

Pastor Ronnie Floyd says that “Fasting and prayer is the gateway to spiritual breakthrough.”  I will add to that- “and blessing.”

What does breakthrough and blessing look like? For an individual:

  • Who has been struggling with addictive behavior, it looks like freedom.
  • Who is struggling physically, it looks like healing.
  • Who has a financial need, it looks like provision.
  • Who is making difficult decisions, it looks like wisdom.
  • Who is battling with worry and anxiety, it looks like peace.

What does breakthrough and blessing look like for a ministry/church and pastor/leader?

  • For a leader/pastor it’s  a renewed passion and vision for ministry.
  • For a preacher/teacher it’s new insight and revelation of the word.
  • For a worship leader it’s an enabling (anointing) to lead worshipers into the presence of God.
  • For a church member it’s a revelation that they too are a minister/missionary.
  • For a church corporately it’s an awareness and excitement that God is at work.

While these lists are not exhaustive they are illustrative of what breakthrough and blessing may look like in a person’s life and a church/ministry.

Breakthrough and blessing moves you from having a theology about God, to having a testimony of God.  It does not mean that everything happens instantaneously, but it does mean that God is at work supernaturally.

When breakthrough and blessing occur God is glorified and His Kingdom is advanced.

As you walk through the rest of 2011, continue to expect the manifestation of God’s favor. Thank Him for what He has done and what He is going to do.

Thank you for your participation in Empower 21 and for your ministry partnership.  Together we are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia.

One thought on “Empower 21 – Day 2

  1. Michael Talbert

    Things that have come to pass since we began fast:

    #1 – Young man was affected by a Wednesday night service
    #2 – God is sending us hungry kids
    #3 – God is renewing my spirit
    #4 – God sent us a new back-up drummer
    #5 – God is stretching my personal walk
    #6 – I am feeling more peace than I have in years
    #7 – My teaching already feels more effective than in a long time
    #8 – Young man gave his heart to the Lord and started texting me scriptures
    #9 – God sent us 5 new teens wed. Night
    #10 – 9yr old son and friend led young man to Lord at School

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