Leadership and Encouragement – Part 4

In my last blog we began looking at “How a Leader Encourages Himself.”  This is crucial, because how we handle the discouraging moments of life can determine whether a leader finishes or falters in their ministry.

Here is the second principle of self-encouragement: Self-encouragement flows out of your relationship with God.  David found encouragement in the Lord.

From what we know about David it is easy to surmise that David took his harp, went to a solitary place and sang praise to the Lord.

David was known as a worshiper and a warrior!  David was a “worshipper” BEFORE he was a “warrior.”  His ability to lead men publicly in battle as a warrior flowed out of his history as a worshipper of God in private.

Ultimately it is who we are in private that determines what we do in public!

In solitude as a shepherd, David learned worship.  When every one else worried and wondered what to do – the worshipper – worshipped!  No doubt that David did not feel like worshipping, but he did anyway.

It may sound too simple or even hyper-spiritual but when you are discouraged as a leader get alone and worship.  It is a decision NOT a feeling!

Perspective has everything do with whether you are encouraged or discouraged.  In the presence of God your perspective is changed, and your focus is adjusted.

In times of uncertainty and upheaval God is our constant because God never changes.  Even on the worst day of our lives, God is still worthy of worship!

Worship is essential to the life of a leader.  Worshippers are encouragers – and encouragers are worshippers!  You cannot encourage yourself or others without being a worshipper.  If you are discouraged, worship!

Worship magnifies your perspective of God.  When you make God bigger you make your problems/troubles smaller. Worship creates an atmosphere for faith to be released.  Worship is the pathway to joy.  Worship prepares us to hear God.

The Second Principle: Self-encouragement flows out to your relationship with God.

The Second Practice: Get alone with God and worship.

Next week we will look at the final principle and practice that leads to self-encouragement.  I believe in you and appreciate you.

Together we  are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia.

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