Leadership and Encouragement – Part 5

For the last several weeks I have been blogging on the subject of Leadership and Encouragement.  Leaders are encouragers!

This topic is crucial to leaders, especially in this culture of unparalleled change and uncertainty.  People, specifically those who follow you as a leader, are looking for someone to reassure them and to encourage them.

Encouragement energizes people – those who follow you as a leader.

The last three weeks we have been focusing on self-encouragement.  As a leader your ability to encourage others is determined by your ability to FIRST encourage yourself.

Using David’s experience at Ziklag in 1 Samuel 30, we are looking at principles of self-encouragement.

An encouraged man among a multitude of discouraged men always stands out from the crowd.  That’s why David was the leader.  The leader will always be the one who can encourage  himself when everyone else is discouraged.  Had someone else encouraged himself instead of David, that man would have become the new leader.

When people are discouraged, they are vulnerable.  The ability to encourage yourself when everyone else is discouraged is an essential attribute of leadership!

The third principle and practice of encouraging yourself is: Self-encouragement results in making wise decisions – the leader seeks the Lord.

David encouraged himself, and then he was strengthened to take action and make decisions.  The Bible says, “The joy of the Lord is our strength” – that is true but, encouragement always precedes joy!

After David worshiped and was encouraged, then he began to seek the Lord about what he was to do next.  Worship always prepares you to hear and receive a word from  the Lord.

Encouragement enables us to act according to our faith and NOT our feelings!

There will always be Ziklag experiences in our leadership journey.  How we respond to these experiences determines our destiny and impacts the lives of those who follow us as leaders.  Because David knew how to encourage himself, he was able to lead his men into victory and recover everything the enemy had stolen.  After recovery came celebration.

When, not if, you encounter a Ziklag experience: weep for a while, encourage yourself, get a word from God, recover what you lost, then get ready to celebrate!

I appreciate you and believe in you.  Together we are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia.

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