Camp Meeting – Celebrating 100 Years of Ministry

One of the ministry highlights for our state is Summer Camp Meeting.  To better serve our ministry partners and church members, we are hosting two Camp Meetings this year.

The first Camp Meeting will be held in Roanoke at the state campground under the Tabernacle, June 12th – 14th and the second in Richmond at Victory Tabernacle, June 15th – 17th.

Our Summer Camp Meeting Ministry is one of the few ministries that encompasses all four of our strategies for building the Kingdom of God in Virginia.

Our ministry strategy is fulfilled through our Camp Meeting ministry:

  • Evangelizing the Lost – Lost and unsaved people still attend Camp Meeting. There is a dynamic of the corporate anointing that draws the lost to Christ when the people of God come together.  That is one reason why throughout the years many ministries have used corporate venues to host evangelistic meetings.  Also it is in this setting that backsliders are restored in their relationship to Christ.
  • Equipping the Saints – Teaching/preaching the Word are vital aspects of our Camp Meeting ministry.  This year we are including each morning, a Bible study to equip those in attendance.  I have heard testimonies many times over the years that in a Camp Meeting Bible study God spoke a word that impacted the lives and ministries of those in attendance.
  • Encouraging one another – There is nothing more edifying than to be with hundreds of other believers gathered for the purpose of fellowship, worship, and the ministry of the Word.  The “corporate anointing”  that is present in that setting literally brings heaven to earth.
  • Empowering of the Spirit –  It was in a Camp Meeting setting that I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.  The environment of a Camp Meeting is conducive to creating desire and receptivity to the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.  It is also in this setting that many receive a “re-filling” and a renewed anointing of the Holy Spirit.

There will also be a special “Centennial Celebration Service” on June 14th in Roanoke.

Voices of Lee will be with us leading in worship and highlighting the music of the decades over the last 100 years.  Joining Voices will be a mass choir and a special video presentation.  In addition our General Overseer, Dr. Raymond F. Culpepper will be preaching.

I want to encourage you to do three things as it relates to Camp Meeting:

  1. Pray – ask and believe with me for a week of powerful ministry.
  2. Participate – make plans and adjust your schedule to attend as many services as possible.
  3. Promote – tell your peers and bring others with you to the Camp Meeting in your area.  Many people you know and are in partnership with need the ministry of Camp Meeting.

I look forward to seeing you as we celebrate our past and anticipate our future together.

Together we are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia!