5 Trends for the American Church

In a recent article by Thom Ranier, the President and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources, he outlined 5 major future trends for the church in America.  They are:

1.  Our nation will see the emergence of the largest generational mission field in more than a century.

The Millennial Generation, those born between 1980 and 2000, will have a very low Christian representation.  it is estimated that only 15 percent are Christian.  With a population of nearly 80 million, that means that nearly 70 million are NOT Christian.

2.  The dominant attitude of the Millennials toward Christianity will be largely indifferent.

Only 13 percent of this group rank any type of spiritual matter as important to their lives. They are not angry at churches or Christians.  They simply ignore Christians because they do not deem them as meaningful or relevant.

3.  Senior adult ministries in churches will experience steep declines.

As the Baby Boomer Generation moves into their older years, they will resist any suggestion that they are senior adults, no matter how senior they may be.  Since many churches are generally slow to adapt to new realities or change, if they do senior adult ministry the way they have always done it, they will be headed for failure.

4.  The Baby Boomer Generation will become more receptive to the Gospel.

Research seems to indicate that Baby Boomers will actually become more interested in spiritual matters in general and Christianity specifically.  The Baby Boomers have tried it all and found no joy.  They may likely turn to the HOPE of the Gospel.

5.  Family will be a key value for both of these (Boomers and Millennials) generations.

For Millennials,  family is their most important value.  Nearly eight out of ten ranked family as the important issue of their lives.  They indicated that they had healthy relationships with their parents, who for the most part, are Baby Boomers.  Churches that reach both of these generations will make significant changes to become the type of churches that foster healthy family relationships.

These trends may become reality.  This is important because these two generations (Millennials and Baby Boomers) are the two largest generations in American history.

If we are discerning and obedient as Christians and church leaders, these trends may lead to significant opportunities.  Lets pray, partner together, and follow the Holy Spirit as He lead us.


Bishop Corder

A Summer of Ministry – Virginia Update

It has been several weeks since my last blog, so this will be a general update of ministry events and highlights so far during the summer.

Youth Camps

One of the productive and life changing ministries of the Church of God in Virginia is our summer youth camp program.  We are in our second week (0f four) of youth camp.  Each day as I drive onto the campus, I am reminded of the blessing of having a place that Virginia COG youth can come to receive ministry.

Over this four week period hundreds of youth will be ministered to, many will accept Christ, others will make a renewal of spiritual commitment, and many will be Spirit baptized; but all will be impacted for the Kingdom’s sake.

I am already hearing testimonies of how lives are being changed.  I appreciate our State Director, Chris Music; the Youth Board; and all the staff for excellence in ministry.

Summer Camp Meeting

The summer camp meeting was held in two locations: Roanoke and Richmond.

Both meetings were a significant time of fellowship, worship, and ministry.  Dr. Oliver McMahan did an outstanding job teaching the Word.  Bishop Tim Nuckles preached two powerful messages. And Virginia pastors, Bishop Wayne Powell and Bishop Wayne Daniels both preached very anointed and timely messages.

We had different night speakers in Roanoke and Pastor Tim Olfield was the night speaker in Richmond.  Each evening speaker edified, challenged, and blessed those in attendance.

We had outstanding attendance in the Roanoke meeting which was highlighted by our 100 Year Celebration Tuesday night.  Danny Murray and the Voices of Lee  did an excellent job leading us in worship.  Our General Overseer, Dr. Raymond Culpepper  preached a powerful message.

Centennial Library Collection

There are two items that make up this collection:

1.  A Digital Library containing:

  • 4 gigabytes of archived photos and multimedia files.
  • Over 300 editions of The Virginian dating back to 1960.
  • All six volumes of the Heritage collection.
  • Video clips that feature vintage youth camp and camp meeting footage.

2.  A Sermon Library containing 5 CDs of the following sermons:

  • 1977 Camp Meeting – Dr. Wade Horton
  • 1988 Prayer Conference – Dr. Ray Hughes
  • 1997 Camp Meeting – Rev. Bill Lee
  • 2007  Camp Meeting – Dr. Tim Hill
  • 2011 Camp Meeting – Dr. Raymond Culpepper

These products are still available for $30.00 each or $50.00 for the set.  I want to encourage you to purchase these two items that highlight the ministry of the Church of God in Virginia.

Finally, there is one up-coming event I want to tell you about:

Hispanic Camp Meeting

We are hosting the first annual Hispanic Camp Meeting August 26th and 27th.  This meeting will be held at the Alfa Y Omega Church in Chesterfield (Richmond), Virginia.  Dr. Carlos Moran, the International Hispanic Director will be the evening speaker.

I know this blog may have seemed like a commercial but it gives you an overview and an insight to a small portion of what our ministry partnership is doing and accomplishing.

What makes Virginia special is its people.  I appreciate you and believe in you.  Thank you for your ministry partnership.

Bishop Corder

P.S. Next week’s blog will deal with 5 Major Trends for the American Church.