iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 1

Today begins our 21 day spiritual adventure of iPray, (prayer and fasting).  This is our second year of partnering together as the Church of God in Virginia in a corporate time of prayer and fasting.

The participation for iPray has already exceeded our expectation- we have had to have a second printing of the informational brochure due to the high demand.  There seems to be a building anticipation and excitement for this season of seeking.

I want to make a few suggestions that will maximize these 21 days in terms of spiritual significance:

1.  Prepare yourself for physical and spiritual challenges. 

Your body will be adjusting to a new dietary routine.  Sometimes the first three or four days can be uncomfortable.  Our flesh tends to “scream” its displeasure for not getting what it wants.  Let every discomfort be an indicator that this is a season to give attention to the spiritual man more than the physical man.

Satan does not want you to pray and fast because he knows the benefit in your life as a believer.  Expect irritations, inconveniences, and interrupts during this season.

2.  Make prayer a daily priority during these 21 days.

This seems obvious but, I have discovered that during seasons of prayer and fasting you have to be committed to praying.  If you do not pray while you fast you are just dieting.

Satan does not really care if you deny your flesh as long as you do not nourish your spirit.

Consider setting a “appointment” to pray every day during these 21 days.  Get into a routine, schedule your praying as part of your daily activities.  Pray during at least one regular meal time.

It may be helpful to have a “prayer partner” to pray with you during this season.  If you are a pastor, schedule additional times of corporate prayer for your congregation.

3.  Keep a spiritual journal.

Even if you do not typically “journal” I encourage you to do so during iPray.  There are multiple benefits:

1.  Journaling keeps you focused. 

Make a list of specific things you are going to be praying for during this season in your journal.  Pray through that list daily.

2.  Journaling gives you an opportunity to record thoughts, ideas, and spiritual insights.

During seasons of prayer and fasting God will speak to you!  You need to have a record of what He says so you can expand your praying, you can meditate on His word to you, and so you can track your spiritual progress.

This will encourage you and benefit you long after these 21 days are over.

I have NEVER known of a church or  a believer who gave themselves to a season of prayer and fasting who has not benefited greatly.

  • Fasting brings every area of your life into spiritual alignment.
  • Fasting accelerates Holy Spirit activity.
  • Fasting increases the anointing.

I will be blogging everyday during the 21 days of iPray.  I also want to encourage you to follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter.

Together we are building the Kingdom of God through iPray (prayer and fasting).


Bishop Corder