iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 3

How do you complete a 21 day fast? One day at a time.

Regardless of what type of fast you are involved in, the way to maintain your focus and to complete the journey is to make the the fast a “daily fast.”  Don’t think in terms of 21 days.  Each day commit yourself to that day. Today you are going to deny your flesh and spend time in fellowship with God.

By making the fast a “daily fast” it allows you to make everyday of iPray significant.  Everyday becomes uniquely different, yet meaningful. Everyday you make a decision not just to restrict your diet or to cut out certain foods.  But each day you make decision to spend quality time in fellowship with God in worship, prayer, and the Word.

The priority of iPray is to encourage and enhance your daily walk/relationship with God.  One writer suggested that you view your time in prayer and fasting as a “date with God.”  A special time in your relationship with Him.

Fasting is saying God, “I love___________ (name your favorite foods) but, I love you more.

How do you live the Christian life? One day at a time.  How do you determine your destiny? One day at a time.  How do you do the will of God? One day at a time.  How do you fast 21 days? One day at a time.

During this 21 day iPray ministry, each day will be different.  No two days will be the same.  There is something God wants to do in and through your life every day.  Some days may be days of worship and praise.  Others may be days of intense intercession.  Still others will be days of revelation and refreshing.

Here’s what I know for sure…the 21 days of iPray will change your life and profoundly impact the things and people you are praying about.

Get alone with God today – talk to Him, worship Him, spend time in His presence and in His Word – today will change the rest of your life.

Together we building the Kingdom of God through prayer and fasting.

Bishop Corder

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