iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 6 Saturday

One final suggestion as we come to the closing days of the first week of iPray: be sure to include silence as part of your prayer time.

That may seem like an odd suggestion, but I will explain.  We must remember that prayer is a dialog between God and man. Sometimes we have the tendency to act as if prayer is only a monolog where we talk to God.  The result is we never give God an opportunity to talk to us.

One of the benefits of combining fasting with praying is that fasting helps us to “tune” into God’s frequency, to hear the voice of God more clearly and easily. He may speak to you through the Word or through a “still small voice” of the Holy Spirit.  But one of the things I am confident God will do during iPray is speak to you.

Sometimes God speaks the loudest when He whispers! We have to be “listening to hear” the voice of God, the Holy Spirit, or we will miss what He wants to say to us.

There is a biblical example of this principle found in the Old Testament in the life of the Prophet Elijah.  This example is found in 1 Kings19:11-13.  In verse 12 several translations say, “there was  the sound of a gentle whisper”.  The implications of what God spoke to Elijah that day were profound.

Don’t exclude worship, petition, or any other part of the dialog of prayer, just INCLUDE silence.  Sit in His presence quietly and listen for His still small voice, the whisper of God.  If you learn to listen for and to the voice of God during this season of prayer and fasting the lasting benefit to your life will be profound!

Sometimes we Pentecostals have the hardest time to “receive” from the Lord because silence seems to make us nervous.  How often do we practice just silently  sitting  in the presence of the Lord in our corporate worship? Not often. That is not a criticism, just an example that the practice of just being in His presence may be something new to us.

I encourage you to stretch yourself during this 21 days of iPray, tell the Lord you are going to just sit quietly in His presence and give Him an opportunity to speak to you.  You may be surprised what you might hear.

Thanks for your participation in iPray and your partnership in ministry. Together we are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia.


Bishop Corder