iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 7 – Sunday

Historically I have discovered that during a time of prayer and fasting my feelings fluctuate.  The result is that my perception of how I am progressing is affected.  Remember, you cannot judge by feelings what you are doing by faith.

How you feel and what you believe are seldom the same.  Prayer and fasting is a “faith” exercise.  Faith is based on truth (God’s word).  We believe God’s truth, so we act in faith.

In Matthew 6:18, God’s word tells that when we fast God will “reward you” – the word reward here means to “recompense someone positively” –  it’s a term that refers to something that is good and/or beneficial.

Fasting is beneficial!  When you conclude this 21 day exercise of faith, (prayer and fasting), you will look back and say, “The pay-off, was worth the price.”  You will be glad you participated in iPray to begin 2012.


Bishop Corder

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