iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 7 – Sunday

Historically I have discovered that during a time of prayer and fasting my feelings fluctuate.  The result is that my perception of how I am progressing is affected.  Remember, you cannot judge by feelings what you are doing by faith.

How you feel and what you believe are seldom the same.  Prayer and fasting is a “faith” exercise.  Faith is based on truth (God’s word).  We believe God’s truth, so we act in faith.

In Matthew 6:18, God’s word tells that when we fast God will “reward you” – the word reward here means to “recompense someone positively” –  it’s a term that refers to something that is good and/or beneficial.

Fasting is beneficial!  When you conclude this 21 day exercise of faith, (prayer and fasting), you will look back and say, “The pay-off, was worth the price.”  You will be glad you participated in iPray to begin 2012.


Bishop Corder

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One thought on “iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 7 – Sunday

  1. Donnie Anderson

    Bishop, we had a very powerful service this morning with two young adults being saved and the altars full praying for a restoration of joy. Last Sunday two joined the church. In fact since the last Sunday of 2011, Christmas Day there has been 14 saved. Continue to pray with us here at RiverOak as God continues to move. Thank you for your leadership and compassion.

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