iPray 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 10 – Wednesday

Do you recall the first time you were directed of the Lord to fast?  I do.  It was just a few days before Christmas several years ago.  We were having a fellowship gathering at our home of the leaders of the church I served as pastor.  As I was talking with one of the leaders,  the Holy Spirit began to talk to me.  Very clearly I heard these words, “I want you to go on a fast.”  No one heard those words but me.  No one heard the argument I had with the Lord within myself either.

“God do you know what time of year it is? Do you realize I have just consumed sweets and caffeine?  This is not a good time to fast.” (Is there ever a good time to fast?)  After a few moments I said, “Ok I will fast.”

I fasted for several days. Immediately after the fast was completed I heard the Lord speak to me again.  This time He said,  “You have missed most of the significant things I wanted to do in your life this year.  You have to learn to listen.”

Those words literally changed my life.  From that point on I became very intentional about “listening to hear” what the Lord wanted to say to me.  Most of the significant things that the Holy Spirit has spoken to me about, I would have missed if I had not been intentional about “listening to hear.”

It was during that season of fasting that I became sensitive and receptive to the Holy Spirit.  That’s one of the results of prayer and fasting; you become not only sensitive to the Holy Spirit, but receptive to Him as well.

How do you know if you are receptive to the Holy Spirit? You know by how you respond to Him, how you react to His speaking.  Simply stated, you obey Him.  If we are truly receptive to the Holy Spirit we will be obedient to the Holy Spirit.  And you know, when you obey the Holy Spirit you are blessed.

Fasting prepared me to be receptive and obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Without exaggeration that season changed my life and ministry.  Not all seasons of prayer and fasting have been as dramatic as that first one; but I remind you again, God will always honor prayer and fasting because prayer and fasting honors Him.

During iPray God is getting you ready.  Listen to hear what the Holy Spirit says; obey Him and be blessed.

Thanks for your participation in iPray and you partnership in ministry.


Bishop Corder