iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 16 – Tuesday

Prayer and fasting has spiritual, physical, and practical benefits.

Without a doubt the primary benefit of a season of fasting and prayer is the spiritual results. It is also a  medical fact that fasting, in particular, has physical benefits.  But there are practical day-to-day benefits of a season of fasting and prayer.

The practical benefits, the effect on your day to day life and living, is too potentially diverse to list. However, there are some simple tools we can use to illustrate some of the practical benefits. One of those tools is what I call the ABC test.

After a season of prayer and fasting you should notice a difference in:

A- Attitude –  fasting restores you physically, refreshes you spiritually, but it also renews you mentally.  During a season of fasting as you spend extended periods of time in the Word, worship, and in prayer, the Holy Spirit renews your mind.

God the Father is the Great Parent, God the Son is the Great Physician, and God the Holy Spirit is the Great Psychiatrist. I know that is a new concept for some as it relates to the person and work of the Holy Spirit, but it helps illustrate a powerful truth.  Expect an “attitude adjustment” as a result of the season of prayer and fasting.

B – Behavior  – during prayer and fasting the Holy Spirit will convict and seek to correct our behavior.  Sometimes we are convicted about some behavior we need to STOP doing.  And sometimes we are convicted about behavior we need to START doing.

I am confident that one of the lasting practical benefits is that your day to day behavior changes as a result of participating in iPray. Remember, our daily walk influences the impact of our daily witness. Our faith is strengthened during a season of prayer and fasting.  What we believe determines how we behave.

C – Conversation – our day to to day talk as a result of prayer and fasting.  Because our minds are renewed and our hearts are re-shaped as a result of spending extended time in the presence of the Lord, our conversation changes. According to scripture our talk, our words are the greatest indicator of the condition of our heart.

We begin to express with our mouths what God has been doing in our hearts. Clean hearts produce clean words. Re-shaped hearts produce spiritual words. Our conversation will be more characterized by words that are positive and faith-filled.  We will be an encourager when we speaks words of edification.

Give yourself the ABC test.  As a result of your participation in iPray, how has my:

  • Attitude
  • Behavior
  • Conversation


The goal of iPray is not to change just 21 days of your life, but to change your life for all of 2012 and beyond.


Bishop Corder

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