iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 17 – Wednesday

You are in “good company” when you pray and fast.  The Bible is filled with examples of individuals who prayed and fasted and how it impacted their life and increased their ministry.

  • King David fasted and God filled him with hope.
  • Jonah fasted and God gave Ninevah a revival.
  • John the Baptist fasted and he preached with power and fire.
  • Jesus himself fasted, and everywhere He went and everyone He touched were never the same.
  • The Apostle Paul fasted and no one, other than Jesus, had a greater influence on the church.

As we come to the final days of iPray, I want to encourage you and remind you of how God uses the discipline of prayer and fasting to impact your life.

Prayer and fasting is a tool God uses to impact your life in order to increase your influence. 

This increased influence occurs because of the accelerated work that the Holy Spirit is able to do in our lives during of a season of prayer and fasting.  It is impossible to maximize our potential influence as ministers/believers without the discipline of fasting. The Holy Spirit uses this (fasting) as a catalyst to do a quick work in our lives.

This influence may manifest itself in many ways:

  • Greater results when the Word is proclaimed.
  • Open doors of opportunity for ministry.
  • Enlarged and new platforms of ministry opportunity.
  • Divine “networking” in establishing relationship with people who are in positions of authority.

God moves us from a place of obscurity to a place of notoriety when He knows we are ready.

Another way of saying this is: Fasting positions you for favor!

Expect after iPray is completed, to be blessed and favored of the Lord. 2012 can be your year for increased influence.


Bishop Corder

P.S.  Visit www.awake21.org for a “Fasting Virtual Conference” and ministry resources.