iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 19 – Friday

At this point in iPray the focus is on finishing this 21 day journey.

Everyday in this season is uniquely different from another. Not only is everyday different, also every individual’s fasting experience is different. I have written about both of these facts in previous blogs.  However, at this point (day 19), we need to be reminded of these simple but significant facts.

I want to encourage you to stay focused until the finish. Just like Daniel in the Old Testament, (See Daniel chapter 10), God has heard your prayer and seen your commitment from the first day of iPray.  During a season of prayer and fasting not only is something happening in your life in the natural realm, there is also something happening in the heavenly realm.

Prayer and fasting engages both the natural and the spiritual realm at the same time.  Your experience may not be just like Daniel’s, but more has been happening than you know during these last 19 days.

God is always doing more than you know.  He is also doing multiple things in your life at the same time. We have the tendency to focus on one or two issues.  See Philippians 2:13.

God ‘s work in our life is always for our good. The result of God’s work in us is always constructive and beneficial.  Remember: God’s work and will are always based on His wisdom and are an expression of His love.

What a great thought, God is wisely and lovingly working in your life for your good and His glory!

God is a good God and He is doing a good work in your life during iPray. Stay focused and finish the journey.


Bishop Corder