iPray – Day 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 20 – Saturday

As we prepare to conclude iPray tomorrow I want to make a couple of suggestions:

1.  Spend the majority of your time in prayer in worship.  Celebrating what you believe the Lord has done and will do as a result of these past 21 days.

Fasting is a faith building exercise.  Worship is an expression not only of devotion, but of trust also.  Express your faith, love, and trust in worship.  Celebrate WHO God is and WHAT you are believing Him to do, even beyond iPray.

2.  Conclude these 21 days with observing Holy Communion.  If you are a pastor, consider leading your entire congregation in this ordinance.  There is something holy and special about partaking in communion after an extended fast.  It is a way of establishing the work that the Lord has accomplished in your life.

Celebration and communion are a practical way of finishing this season of prayer and fasting in faith with your focus on the Lord.  We begin with our focus on Him and we finish with our focus on Him.

Thanks for participating in iPray.

Bishop Corder

P.S.  Remember to visit http://www.awake21.org and take advantage of the virtual conference.