5 Reasons To Pray Every Day, (Part 2)

I began last week sharing with you the summary points of a presentation I had the privilege of hearing a few years ago from Dr. David Cho, pastor of the world’s largest church.

Five reasons why Dr. Cho said he prays every day:

Last week’s first two reasons:

1.  To Have Fellowship With God.

2.  Because Ministry Involves Warring Against Spiritual Forces.

This week I want to share reasons three through five:

3.  The Only Way To Stay Filled (Full) of The Spirit Is Through Prayer.

This point is self explanatory, but in Ephesians 5:18 the idea of being filled with the Spirit is that we are continually being filled so that we stay – full.

4.  The Only Way To Receive Rhema is Through Prayer

Of course we know the “logos” is the written word of God and a “rhema” is a personal word of God.

Dr. Cho shared dramatic incidences where on numerous occasions God gave him personal revelations about particular needs as he would preach the Word.

It is in prayer we learn to identify and become sensitive to the voice of God.  We learn how to “listen to hear” the voice of God in prayer.  God is still speaking.  Prayer is a dialog not a monolog.

5.  Through Prayer, You Can Influence A Nation

Dr. Cho shared that during a time of political upheaval he was asked to organize a prayer meeting in the town plaza.  As a result of the prayer meeting where six thousand people met to pray, peace came to the city.

Prayer is our greatest tool and weapon for national and political change!

Two Prayer Principles:

  • When we intercede, God intervenes.
  • When we intercede, God gets involved in what we are praying for and about.

The practical application of these principles had profound impact on my prayer life personally.  These five reasons can also be called the Five Benefits of Praying Every Day.

Here is a people and behavior principle:  Whenever you want to increase someone’s commitment to something, show them the benefit of doing whatever it is you want them to do.

As you read these five reasons/benefits of everyday prayer, one of the results is it motivates us to pray.

Thanks for your partnership in prayer and ministry.  Together we are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia.

Bishop Corder

5 Reasons To Pray Every Day, (Part 1)

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at a National Day of Prayer  event here in Roanoke.

At that event I shared about the privilege I had several years ago to hear Dr. David Yonggi Cho speak at a conference.  He is the founding pastor of the world’s largest church in Seoul Korea.  (750,000 members).

Dr. Cho spoke for three hours and fifteen minutes primarily on the subject of prayer.  He is one of the few men who has the credentials to speak that long on that subject.  He is a practitioner of prayer, not a theorist.  Prayer is the “foundation” of  his church and cell groups are the supporting “structure.”

In 1973 they established “Prayer Mountain” where on any given day three thousand people come to fast and pray.  They also have a daily early morning prayer service and weekly, all night prayer meetings.

Dr. Cho led the 10:00 a.m. Wednesday prayer service at his church before he left to speak at the conference I am referring to.  There were over twenty thousand people in attendance for that morning prayer meeting.

During his message at the conference he gave five reasons he prays every day.  I want to share with you in summary from those five reasons:

1.  To Have Fellowship With God

From Genesis to Revelation we see God desiring fellowship with His creation.  In Genesis (chapter 3), you read about God’s fellowship with Adam.  In Revelation (chapter 3), we see God standing at the door of the Laodicean Church knocking, wanting them to open so he can come in and have fellowship with them.

The story of Christ and the message of the gospel is all about the relationship and the fellowship between God and man being restored.

Dr. Cho said that prayer is the primary way we fellowship with God.  We cannot maintain our relationship with God without the fellowship of prayer.

2.  Because Ministry Involves Warring Against Spiritual Forces (Powers and Principalities)

During this presentation Dr. Cho recounted his experiences with spiritual warfare and the demonic.

One story in particular stood out in his testimony.  In the city where he started the church the pagan religious leaders said they would give him permission to start his church if in thirty days his God would heal a particular paralytic.  He began to pray; long story short – God healed the individual.  He started his church and the rest is history.

He said America is filled with the occult and the demonic.  We must pray if we are going to succeed in our ministry and calling.  On a personal note, I will restate the obvious:  There will always be a battle when we are building the Kingdom of God and doing the will of God.  But we are fighting from victory NOT for victory!

Next week, Part 2:  the final three reasons why Dr. Cho prays every day.

Thanks for your partnership in prayer and in ministry.

Bishop Corder