iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 9 – Tuesday

One of the greatest benefits of a season of prayer and fasting is that you always learn something new about God and about yourself.

Spiritual discovery and self-discovery are always byproducts of the discipline of fasting. One of the reasons that people use contrasting words when describing a season of fasting is because of this discovery.

One writer testified about his fasting experience this way, “Fasting has brought me beauty and brokenness, pain and power, cleansing and closeness, deliverance and distress, hurt and hope.” You can probably relate to this testimony at some level and we are not quite to the half-way point of iPray.

What we discover about ourselves and about God during a season of prayer and fasting is a revelation that brings transformation!  It transforms our thinking about ourselves that leads to changes in our living, our attitudes, behaviors, and conversation.  It transforms our thinking about God and takes from having a theology about Him in our head, to having a testimony about Him in our heart.

Most of the discovery about ourselves leads us to repentance and the discovery about God leads us to rejoicing.  Remember this, whatever you discover about yourself -God already knows it. It does not surprise Him or change His thoughts and feelings toward you. But the discovery will change you and your relationships first with yourself, with God, and with others.

This 21 days of iPray can be a season of discovery that will prepare you for your destiny.  How exciting.

Thanks for being a partner in iPray and in ministry.  Together we are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia.



iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 8 – Monday

20 Benefits of Fasting From Isaiah 58

1.  Then shalt thy light break forth as the morning –

  • Refers to wholeness and prosperity.

2.  Health spring forth speedily –

  • Refers to restoration and healing of every wound.

3.  Right relationship with God shall go before you –

  • The peace, provision, & goodness of God will make a way.

4.  Glory of God will be your rear guard –

  • Just as God protected the children of Israel at the Red Sea, He will protect us.

5.  You shall call and the Lord shall answer –

  • Hear clearly what God is saying.

6.  You will cry and God will say here am I –

  •  God will be with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

7.  God will take away yokes of oppression –

  • God will remove struggles in your life you can’t get victory over.

8.  Your light will rise in obscurity –

  • Supernatural Breakthrough.

9.  The Lord will guide you continually –

  • God will give direction for your life, led by the Spirit.

10.  He will satisfy you in drought –

  • Dry places.

11.  Make thy bones fat –

  • Renew your strength

12.  You will be like a watered garden –

  • Happiness and joy.

13.  Like a spring of water whose waters fail not –

  • There is no deception in the  promises of God.

14.  They shall build the old waste places –

  • God will rebuild the things that have been broken in your life.

15.  Raise up the foundations of many generations –

  • Generational Blessing.

16.  Repairer of the breech –

  • He will repair and mend the broken things in our lives.

17.  Restorer of paths to dwell in –

  • God will build a wall so high that the enemy cannot get over it.

18.  Delight thyself in the Lord –

  • Your joy will be in God again.

19.  Ride upon the high places of the earth –

  • You will be more than a conqueror, an overcomer, a victor.

20.  Feed them with the heritage of Jacob thy father –

  • All the promises from the beginning of the covenant are for us today!

Taken from a blog by Pastor Howard Dallas

iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 7 – Sunday

Historically I have discovered that during a time of prayer and fasting my feelings fluctuate.  The result is that my perception of how I am progressing is affected.  Remember, you cannot judge by feelings what you are doing by faith.

How you feel and what you believe are seldom the same.  Prayer and fasting is a “faith” exercise.  Faith is based on truth (God’s word).  We believe God’s truth, so we act in faith.

In Matthew 6:18, God’s word tells that when we fast God will “reward you” – the word reward here means to “recompense someone positively” –  it’s a term that refers to something that is good and/or beneficial.

Fasting is beneficial!  When you conclude this 21 day exercise of faith, (prayer and fasting), you will look back and say, “The pay-off, was worth the price.”  You will be glad you participated in iPray to begin 2012.


Bishop Corder

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iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 6 Saturday

One final suggestion as we come to the closing days of the first week of iPray: be sure to include silence as part of your prayer time.

That may seem like an odd suggestion, but I will explain.  We must remember that prayer is a dialog between God and man. Sometimes we have the tendency to act as if prayer is only a monolog where we talk to God.  The result is we never give God an opportunity to talk to us.

One of the benefits of combining fasting with praying is that fasting helps us to “tune” into God’s frequency, to hear the voice of God more clearly and easily. He may speak to you through the Word or through a “still small voice” of the Holy Spirit.  But one of the things I am confident God will do during iPray is speak to you.

Sometimes God speaks the loudest when He whispers! We have to be “listening to hear” the voice of God, the Holy Spirit, or we will miss what He wants to say to us.

There is a biblical example of this principle found in the Old Testament in the life of the Prophet Elijah.  This example is found in 1 Kings19:11-13.  In verse 12 several translations say, “there was  the sound of a gentle whisper”.  The implications of what God spoke to Elijah that day were profound.

Don’t exclude worship, petition, or any other part of the dialog of prayer, just INCLUDE silence.  Sit in His presence quietly and listen for His still small voice, the whisper of God.  If you learn to listen for and to the voice of God during this season of prayer and fasting the lasting benefit to your life will be profound!

Sometimes we Pentecostals have the hardest time to “receive” from the Lord because silence seems to make us nervous.  How often do we practice just silently  sitting  in the presence of the Lord in our corporate worship? Not often. That is not a criticism, just an example that the practice of just being in His presence may be something new to us.

I encourage you to stretch yourself during this 21 days of iPray, tell the Lord you are going to just sit quietly in His presence and give Him an opportunity to speak to you.  You may be surprised what you might hear.

Thanks for your participation in iPray and your partnership in ministry. Together we are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia.


Bishop Corder

iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 5

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that one of the concepts I have come across in recent years is thinking about fasting as “a date with God.”  I like that analogy because it allows us to picture and understand fasting in a term that is practical and relational.  A time of prayer and fasting is a designated time for you to spend time with God and for Him to spend time with you.

The second part of that process is powerful and significant: when we make time for God, He makes time for us. That is what makes prayer and fasting so significant.

Fasting is not just about diet and denial, but it’s  also about desire, our desire for God.  When we express desire for God, He always responds.  James said, “When we draw near to God, He will draw near to us.”  If fasting is just about diet and denial then it becomes self-focused and “works” oriented. Desire says, God my sacrifice is NOT about me, but about you.  I desire you — to spend time with you, to talk to you, and to have you talk to me. This keeps God at the center of prayer and fasting.

The effect in our lives will be the same as it was in the life of the disciples as they spent time with Jesus.  The people around them acknowledged it was obvious  they had been with the Lord. See Acts 4:13.  Long after the fast is over the residual effects of being in the presence of God will prevail.

Keep this fast simple: talk to God in prayer and worship, let Him to talk to you through His Word and by His Spirit.

If you are dreading this season of prayer and fasting you are in, it may be that you are not approaching it the best way.  Time with God is not something to be dreaded, but something to be anticipated.  We dread fasting when it’s about us; we anticipate fasting when it’s about God.  That doesn’t mean we don’t get hungry, that doesn’t mean it’s not uncomfortable.  It does mean:  Lord, we love ________________ name your favorite food(s), but we love time with you more!

One of the reasons Satan fights so hard to keep us from praying while we are fasting is that he knows the benefits and results of this special time with God.

For the rest of the time think of iPray as a 21-day date with God!


Bishop Corder

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iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 4

Several years ago I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade For Christ ministry.  God used him back in the early 90’s to birth a national prayer and fasting movement focused on revival.

In his book The Coming Revival he shares how on the 29th day of a 40 day fast he was reading in 2 Chronicles and God spoke to him to invite several hundred of the most influential Christians in the country to Orlando for a time of fasting and prayer.

He had been hoping for at least a “Gideon’s three hundred” to respond.  Instead over six hundred came.  This prayer and fasting event was held in December  of 1994.  It was a life changing event for all those in attendance and was a prelude to a great of move of God that occurred in the late 1990’s and early 21st century.

Several memories stand out about my meeting with Dr. Bright and our time together:

  • He was a man of great humility.
  • When he spoke, he spoke with great conviction and spiritual authority.
  • He had great faith that God was going to honor the fasting and praying of His people.
  • After meeting Dr. Bright, I was motivated to begin to fast and pray personally.

One of the reasons I share this is to communicate to you that this prayer and fasting movement that is growing across America is due, in part, to the spiritual seeds that were sown back in the early 1990’s.  He writes in the book, The Coming Revival, that he was motivated to pray that God would raise up 2 million believers in America to fast and pray.

Last year over 1 million believers in America fasted and prayed at the beginning of the year.  This year the number is even greater.  We are approaching the 2 million mark.  Your participation in iPray, along with other ministries across America that are praying and fasting, are part of an answer to the prayers that were prayed back in  the late nineties and early days of this twenty first century.

The impact and influence of these 21 days will continue long after the fast is concluded.  Only time and heaven will fully reveal the results of your participating in the 21 days of iPray.

Prayer has no expiration date.  And God honors fasting because fasting honors God.

During the 21 days of iPray, God is working in you, through you, and because of you,  in ways that you do not even realize.

Keep praying, keep fasting, keep believing – God is working!

Thanks for your partnership in iPray.  Together we are building the Kingdom of God in Virginia.


Bishop Corder

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iPray – 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 3

How do you complete a 21 day fast? One day at a time.

Regardless of what type of fast you are involved in, the way to maintain your focus and to complete the journey is to make the the fast a “daily fast.”  Don’t think in terms of 21 days.  Each day commit yourself to that day. Today you are going to deny your flesh and spend time in fellowship with God.

By making the fast a “daily fast” it allows you to make everyday of iPray significant.  Everyday becomes uniquely different, yet meaningful. Everyday you make a decision not just to restrict your diet or to cut out certain foods.  But each day you make decision to spend quality time in fellowship with God in worship, prayer, and the Word.

The priority of iPray is to encourage and enhance your daily walk/relationship with God.  One writer suggested that you view your time in prayer and fasting as a “date with God.”  A special time in your relationship with Him.

Fasting is saying God, “I love___________ (name your favorite foods) but, I love you more.

How do you live the Christian life? One day at a time.  How do you determine your destiny? One day at a time.  How do you do the will of God? One day at a time.  How do you fast 21 days? One day at a time.

During this 21 day iPray ministry, each day will be different.  No two days will be the same.  There is something God wants to do in and through your life every day.  Some days may be days of worship and praise.  Others may be days of intense intercession.  Still others will be days of revelation and refreshing.

Here’s what I know for sure…the 21 days of iPray will change your life and profoundly impact the things and people you are praying about.

Get alone with God today – talk to Him, worship Him, spend time in His presence and in His Word – today will change the rest of your life.

Together we building the Kingdom of God through prayer and fasting.

Bishop Corder

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